Hydrofilm / Mylar White (5M/10M)

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Size: 5 x 3 meter
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Unleash the Power of White: Illuminate Your Indoor Garden with Hydro Film

Welcome to the world of unparalleled light control! Hydro Film introduces its revolutionary white film, designed to transform your indoor gardening experience. With its exceptional light-blocking properties, Hydro Film ensures your plants receive the perfect environment to flourish and thrive.

  • Total Light Block Out: Hydro Film guarantees maximum light control, allowing you to create a dark and controlled environment for your plants. Say goodbye to unwanted external light sources that can disrupt your plants' growth cycle.
  • Great Reflectivity: Our white film boasts impressive reflectivity, bouncing back valuable light to ensure your plants receive the optimal amount of illumination. Harness the power of every watt of your grow lights and maximize your plant's potential.

When it comes to durability, this Hydro Film stands head and shoulders above the competition. Crafted with a genuine 220um thickness, it is the heavyweight champion in the realm of light-blocking films.

  • Genuine 220um (Thickness): Hydro Film's impressive thickness guarantees superior light-blocking capabilities, providing an impenetrable shield for your plants. Trust in its durability and enjoy long-lasting performance.
  • Thicker Than the Rest: Don't settle for less when you can have more! Unlike many so-called 250um equivalents, Hydro Film surpasses expectations with its authentic 220um thickness. Invest in a product that truly delivers on its promises.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hair raising Mylar

Fantastic stuff quality material easy to work with very happy also be sure to have a clean room as static electricity is high

Hydrofilm / mylar white

Good quality. Thick & durable but still nice & flexible. Easy to cut with scissors. The white surface is well adhered so it doesn’t scratch or crack. Reflects well. Wonderful service & speedy delivery.

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