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Ezi-Root is the choice of the professional grower. Unlike other cloning gels, it uses a combination of two auxin hormones housed in a non-alcohol base. The result for your garden? Faster cuttings and more vigorous vegetative growth!

Ezi-Root is the best rooting hormone product currently available! Try some today!

Two Hormones:

Ezi-Root contains a combination of NAA and IBA. Research has proven this is more effective across a wide range of plant species than IBA or NAA alone. Auxins are rooting hormones that help with cell division and expansion, allowing the plant to grow adventitious roots from the base of the stem.

No Alcohol:

Unlike many gels on the market, Ezi-Root does not use alcohol to dissolve the hormones, ensuring that is it non-phytotoxic to plants. Cuttings are fragile when they’re first removed from a mother plant, ensuring the gel is absorbed easily reduced trauma and encourages faster striking roots!

Wetting Agent:

Helps to break down the surface tension, wax and sap, resulting in more effective delivery of hormones to the cutting.


Reduces the likelihood of cross contamination between cuttings. This also ensures that cuttings are planted with minimal harmful microbial contamination.

Try Ezi-Root in your next propagation and see the difference for yourself!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Terance O
      Wonderful Customer Service!!

      I ordered this product and a cloner. Somehow 2 x cloners ended up in my shopping cart. I only noticed the error after making the payment. It's never happened to me before. One email later Scotty had it sorted and delivery was prompt as usual. Never fear the Dr is here! Thanks, Scott

      Jess Pensa
      Excellent Service

      Extremely helpful, a great product and a generous amount for the price paid. Well worth it.

      lizzid peeple
      Does the trick

      I usually use clonex purple but I gave this stuff a run and am happy with it , cheers!

      Naomi B
      Dr Greenthumbs

      Bought the easy Root Gel and the Silica GT. Good products, good price, arrived quickly and well packaged.

      Dr Green Thumbs

      Great service
      Quality Products
      Trust in DRGT

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