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Tonic - 250ml

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(This product is 100% VEGAN friendly)

Tonic is a 100% plant based fertilizer comprising of the earth's most valuable biodynamic accumulators. Designed to feed your soils Mycorrhizal fungi and return valuable nutrients, minerals, amino acids and saponins back to your rootzone! 

Contains the all natural and pure extracts of Comfrey, Aloe ferox, Yarrow, Dandelion, Nettle, Borage & Horsetail. With added humic acid and full spectrum kelp extract, your fruit will never be as sweet! 

Specially formulated with calcium, magnesium, potassium & silica being the backbone of this tonic. Along with Saponins and Salicyclic acid, your soil will never be more alive, leading to healthy, vigorous plants and fruit that's never tasted so good!

Contains 100% Natural & Organic plant extracts. 100% pure. 100% concentrated and undiluted

How to use

Use 5ml/L and apply directly to the plants rootzone, avoiding runoff. For best results use every 7-10 days or when the plants are under stress.

Foliar rates - 2.5ml/L