TLED 6500k GROW LED 26w Bar (50cm long)

Sale price$75.00


These Hortivision TLED Bars are the best choice if you're on a budget to supplement your plant's lighting!

Absolutely perfect for indoor plants, seed raising, or plant propagation. Very reliable lights with very low heat output.

Offering unique new driverless LED solutions for propagation, vegetative, and bloom!
The T-LED is a slimline sleek bar with a custom spectrum designed for efficiency and low-heat performance. Perfect for summer grows!

Hortivision T-LED uses just 26w (propagation) or 42w (grow and bloom) operating at 50/60Hz (240v) and are rated for 50,000hrs of life!

Hortivision brings affordable excellence to home gardens, try our new range of T-LED,s and upgrade your light quality and quantity today!

Customer Reviews

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Atlas Usic
Bright! But effective

Just be warned these lights are incredibly bright and aren’t easy on the eyes but they’re incredibly efficient. Plants are happier than ever and once I set up a shade to direct the light down the brightness wasn’t an issue. Totally recommend these.

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