Soapnut Foliar Enhance - 250ml

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Soapnut Foliar Enhance is a superior, all natural wetting agent designed to maximize your foliar feeding and pest management routine! 

By reducing the "surface tension" of your liquid solutions, Foliar Enhance will allow you to completely spray and saturate your plants leaf surfaces without leaving dry spots where the solution hasn't stuck. This greatly increases the efficiency of pest management and nutrient applications.

Loaded with plant extracted Saponins, Foliar Enhance will also trigger plants into Systemic Acquired Resistance, greatly increasing the plants ability to fight off external stress and disease. 

Contains 100% Natural & Organic plant extracts. 100% pure. 100% concentrated and undiluted

How to use

Use 2ml per L of water and thoroughly saturate all leave surfaces. 

To emulsify botanical oils such as Neem, use up to 5ml/L and shake thoroughly before use.  

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