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Purasil - 90% Silica rock dust

Purasil - 90% Silica rock dust

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Purasil is a must have for reamending & reinvigorating soils with Silica! The following information is taken directly from the supplier

In the soil, soluble silica in the form of silicic
acid plays a number of important roles: it binds
aluminium, manganese and heavy metals thus
reducing their toxicity. It also improves the plant
availability of calcium and phosphorous; and
increases the number of beneficial soil organisms,
particularly beneficial fungi. It also improves the
cation exchange capacity and conductivity.
Silica is deposited as opaline silica in plant
tissue - this toughens the plant, making it more
resistant to fungal attack. A high silica content
also makes the plant less palatable to insects.
Silica is not a replacement for normal fertilizers, it
makes them work more efficiently.

Use 50g per 30L of soil OR 100g per 1m2. Reapply every 6mths for best results

 1kg packages available