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Introducing the Pest Control Bundle from Dr Greenthumbs!

This powerful bundle combines the effectiveness of Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance and Gnat Bat with the revolutionary PureCrop1, offering a comprehensive solution to all your pest control needs. Safe for use around plants, people, and pets, this bundle ensures a healthy and thriving garden environment.

What's Inside?

🛡️ Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance - Herbal Pesticide

  • Features:
    • 100% Herbal: Made from cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, and clove oils.
    • OMRI Listed: Suitable for organic production.
    • Effective Pest Control: Kills and repels spider mites, thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, caterpillars, mealy bugs, and scale.
    • Environmentally Safe: No harmful chemicals; safe for use indoors and outdoors.
    • No Chemy Odors: Made from pure food-grade ingredients that smell great.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Can be applied up to 5 days before harvest.
    • Available in ready-to-use bottles.
    • Safe for fish and plants, unlike Neem oil.

Gnat Bat 5L - Natural Solution to Fungus Gnats

  • Features:
    • Unique Formulation: Combines micronized diatomaceous earth and lightweight volcanic rock.
    • 100% Natural: Safe for plants and pets, free from harmful chemicals.
    • Reusable: Each bag treats up to 4 x 200mm pots and is reusable for up to 3 applications.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Sprinkle a 5-10mm layer on affected pots and soil surfaces.
    • Place in drainage trays if insects are seen exiting the pot.
    • Avoid getting wet to maintain effectiveness.

PureCrop1 100ml - All-in-One Pest Control and Plant Health

  • Features:
    • Innovative Formula: Uses corn and soybean oil, with colloidal micelle technology.
    • Effective Against Pests and Mold: Disrupts enzymes in pests' guts and sterilizes mold spores.
    • Biodegradable: Leaves no residue, safe for all stages of plant growth.
    • Natural Surfactant: Increases nutrient uptake and sugar levels.
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Can be used as a foliar spray or root drench.
    • Suitable for use up to the day of harvest.
    • No protective gear required, zero REI.

Why You Should Buy

  • Comprehensive Pest Control: Effectively targets a wide range of pests and molds.
  • Organic and Safe: Made from natural ingredients, safe for use around pets, and plants.
  • Easy to Use: Ready-to-use formulations with clear application instructions.
  • Cost-Effective: Save 24% with this bundle and get more for less!

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