Diatomaceous Earth - micronised Certified Organic

DI: 1L
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Please note - This product is sold by volume as the weight of this product varies from batch to batch.

Diatomaceous earth is the perfect addition to your integrated pest management!

It works by absorbing the pests waxes and oils on their cuticle layer leading to death by dehydration. Due to diatomaceous insectacide's high silica content and extremely small particle size, it will also cause the pest to physically degrade due to the silica's shard like structure. This product is the finest grade DE product you can purchase. 

For use to control slugs and fungus gnats, simply spread an even layer of diatomaceous fines across your soils surface, and at the bottom of your pot upon planting. Can be dusted on plants suffering from aphid, mealy bug, mites, fleas, ants and many more garden and household pests.

We advise you wear a mask and gloves when handling this product.

Customer Reviews

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Colin Lowe
Hydro stuff

Great Stuff

Bernard A
DE for thrips

Using diatomaceous earth to battle thrips infestation by sprinkling on the soil seems to be an effective treatment on my houseplants. Thanks Dr Greenthumbs!

Margarita Korenblium
Not sure I'm using this correctly

Very fine dust, gets everywhere. I applied it to several pots, but the only one where it seems to have chased off the fungus gnats is the one where I applied it on top of a layer of sand that covers the whole surface and proceeded to only bottom water from then on - so it could have worked without the DE for all I know.

Ty Hopkins
Great stuff

Seems to work great at handling fungus gnats. Simply sprinkle a layer over the top soil and watch them slowly disappear. Seems to take about a week to get rid of them

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