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Mineral Aeration Blend

Mineral Aeration Blend

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This is the ideal mineral mix for organic growers, adding to Super Soil mixes and growing Trichocereus in pots. Can also be mixed with its equal volume of clay balls. 

Consisting of equal amounts

Pumice 1-7mm - consisting of microscopic pores on the outer surface, releases water at a steady rate whilst retaining nutrients and releasing them back slowly to the soil. Pumice can also be soaked in nutrient solutions for 24hrs prior to mixing with soil.

Zeolite 4-6mm - has a high cation-exchange capacity, which means your nutrients and minerals wont leach from the soil, instead they'll be absorbed and released back slowly to your microbes and plants. This reduces watering and feeding inputs dramatically.

Diatomite 0-7mm - is used as a grow medium for all types of gardening due to its large surface area and ability to retain moisture while being very free draining. It is slow to break down in soils whilst providing bio available silica to the soil. It will also help keep temperatures even in growing containers. (Includes fines)