MAB Grow 2-6mm

LSAB: 2L - 2-6mm
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Which MAB Grow For Your Garden?
Here are some quick tips!

Best option for most gardeners!
Suitable for propagation & containers up to 200mm in diameter.

Best suited for squat pots or pots above 200mm in diameter.
Perfect for plants requiring "chunky" mixes and epiphytic plants

MAB Light
MAB Light is suited for propagation & pots under 150mm in diameter.
Perfect for weight restrictive shelving

- GreenSpace MAB Grow is a revolutionary way to effortlessly grow ALL types of plants! Consisting of 100% mineral, horticultural grade aeration stone, your MAB Grow will always come free of contamination, pests & disease!

- Create the perfect root zone environment effortlessly, while eliminating problems associated with overwatering your plants.
We have eliminated battling Root Rot & Fungus Gnats in your expensive plant collection! We guarantee you'll never see a gnat again!

- Our product will never break down, compact, or "clog up" in your growing container to reduce the available oxygen to your root zone.
MAB Grow provides the perfect ratio of oxygen to water holding capabilities each and every time!

- MAB Grow will hold and distribute fertilizer evenly to your root zone, reducing the overall amount needed to grow a healthy plant.

- Switch over to the Ultimate soil substitute today! Perfect for regular growing containers, "passive" hand-watered Hydroponic Systems, and Self Watering Pots.

-100% Reusable Growing Media
Designed, tested, and backed by industry professionals right here in Australia!

How to use -

To transplant your plant into MAB Grow, simply remove at least 90% of the organic matter from the roots of your plant.
This can be done by gently submerging into a bucket of water and massaging the root zone until it is clean.

Then simply transplant into your container of choice as you would with any potting mix.
Water your plant with GreenSpace Liquid fertilizer once per week. For Self-watering containers, the nutrient solution can be left in the bottom reservoir without the risk of root rot.
You will know when your MAB Grow requires watering as the color changes from a darker to a lighter shade as it dries out.

Please note; Any dust generated by this product in transit or during production is completely harmless to your plant! Simply pre-wash your MAB Grow or give it a simple "flush" if this dust content concerns you. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Speedy service and great price.

Thanks for the ease of order, speedy delivery and great prices. Will definitely order again from Dr. Greenthumbs!

Alyssa Watson
Easy transition

So far my plants are seeming to adjust for the most part and lots of new growth starting. Good stuff.

Aroid love MAB

Iv converted about 95% of collection into MAB and not one negative thing about in my opinion. A lot of my plants have roOts coming out of the passive pot mesh!

Oh and no gnats!

Alex Chapple

MAB Grow 2-6mm

Susi Morton

MAB Grow 2-6mm

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