80x80x180cm Homebox Anbient + 200W Q Series LED + Complete Kit

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Dr. Greenthumbs himself has handpicked this exclusive propagation pack, focusing on top-quality components and cutting-edge grow tent technology to provide you with everything you need to kickstart your propagation journey!

Kit Includes:

HomeBox Ambient Q80+ Grow Tent (80x80x180) - RRP $330
GLD Q-Series 200w LED Quantum Board (Dimmable) - RRP $420
100mm 4 speed Can Fan RK Exhaust Fan - RRP $220
Can GT 300 Carbon Filter - RRP $110
Cultiv8 Thermo/Hygrometer - RRP $29
Rope Ratchet Hangers - RRP $16
Seahawk Circulation Fan - RRP $30

50L Fabric Pot + Pot Riser - RRP $45
27L TurboDirt

Please let us know your selection in the checkout notes - a 50L Pot + Riser will be supplied if we do not receive this information from you at checkout

Total RRP if purchased separately = $1200

Get ready to experience the ultimate propagation setup with this carefully curated kit, exclusively selected by Dr. Greenthumbs himself. With the latest technology and top-notch components, you can be confident that your plants will thrive and flourish like never before.

Let's take a closer look at each component of this amazing pack:

HomeBox Ambient Q80+ Grow Tent (80x80x180)

Experience superior growth conditions with the HomeBox Ambient Q80+ Grow Tent. Measuring 80x80x180cm, this tent provides the perfect environment for propagation. Its high-quality materials ensure durability and lightproofing, while the innovative design allows for easy access and efficient ventilation.

GLD Q-Series 200w LED Quantum Board (Dimmable)

This LED is powerful enough to deliver the same high performance growers rely on, while reducing energy and lifetime ownership costs. Full spectrum plays a vital role in plant growth, and it contains all the light the plant needs. It provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.

• Balanced spectrum for full-cycle growing

• Low energy use & virtually no heat output

• Increase yield & crop quality

• Simple Plug-&-Play set-up & use

• Passive cooling allows for no fans – less moving parts means longevity

• Perfect for keeping your favourite mother plants / strains available

100mm Can Fan RK Exhaust Fan

Ensure proper air circulation with the Can Fan RK Exhaust Fan. Its efficient and reliable performance helps maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels, crucial for successful propagation.

Can GT 300 Carbon Filter

Eliminate odors and purify the air with the Can GT 300 Carbon Filter. Made with high-quality materials, this filter ensures clean and fresh air inside your grow tent.

Cultiv8 Thermo/Hygrometer

Monitor temperature and humidity levels with precision using the Cultiv8 Thermo/Hygrometer. This reliable device helps you create the perfect microclimate for your plants' growth.

Rope Ratchet Hangers

Easily adjust the height of your lighting system with the convenient Rope Ratchet Hangers. These sturdy hangers make it simple to find the ideal distance between the LED light and your plants.

Seahawk Circulation Fan

Promote even air distribution within your grow tent with the Seahawk Circulation Fan. This fan ensures that your plants receive consistent airflow, reducing the risk of mold and providing a healthier environment.

57L Fabric Pot + Pot Riser

Enhance root health and drainage with the 57L Fabric Pot and Pot Riser. These premium fabric pots allow for excellent aeration and prevent waterlogging, contributing to stronger and more vibrant plants.

Get your hands on this all-in-one propagation pack, meticulously chosen by Dr. Greenthumbs himself. With a total RRP of $1036, our special price of $850 gives you the opportunity to experience the best in propagation technology and start your growing journey on the right foot. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and elevate your propagation game today! Happy propagating!

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Christopher McDuff

Great service and great service delivery . The guys really go the extra mile . Always happy to help with gardening advice and pest management resources.

Mark Lea
Amazing service

Products and soils top quality as always, but was very impressed by the extra effort put in when a delivery didn't arrive. Got everything sorted with the courier on my behalf.

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