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Fish & Bone Meal

Fish & Bone Meal

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Fish & Bone meal is processed from marine fish, so it is a good source of organic phosphorus and calcium along with nitrogen and other micronutrients.

(N:8%, P:8%, K:1%, S:0.8%, Ca:13% plus Amino Acids and Vitamins)

Fish & Bone meal is well suited for your lawn and garden, fruit trees and broad acres. Fish ’N’ Bone contains approximately 45% protein and rest all marine bone with high calcium which can be naturally broken down into plant available nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium. The protein content equates to about 8% nitrogen, bone values upto 8% and 12% phosphorus and calcium respectively.

Fish & Bone meal is high in both macro and micronutrients as well as contains many essential amino acids and vitamins, which is a good source of food for soil bacteria and fungi.

For an effective results, it is better if you can apply in Autumn, Winter and Mid Spring as Fish & Bone meal will release the Nutrients very slowly with out allowing them to leach or waste. There fore Fish & Bone meal applied plants looks always healthy.

The product can be safely used while planting/transplanting or repotting as the product will not burn the roots.