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Bug Out - 250ml

Bug Out - 250ml

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Bug Out has been specifically designed for the efficient & organic control of Spider Mite, Fungus Gnats and Aphids. 

By combining 5 extremely aromatic and effective pest repellant herbs, Bug Out is intended to be used every 7 days in combination with Soapnut Foliar Enhance.

Bug Out ensures pests like Spider Mites and Aphids are smothered and irritated by its complex set of essential oils, forcing them to relocate.

Contains 100% Natural & Organic plant extracts. 100% pure. 100% concentrated and undiluted

How to use

Mix 5ml of Bug Out with 1L of water and thoroughly saturate all leaf surfaces.

For best results combine with 2ml/L Soapnut Foliar Enhance to maximize leaf coverage.