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QS3 350w LED Grow Light - 2.6 μmol/j - LM301H Diodes - 5 Year Aussie Warranty

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These LED lights are the latest in growth and bloom technology, integrating full spectrum Samsung diodes, with game-changing additions of IR & UV! Resulting in a horticultural grow light compared to some of the best in the world, with a 5 year Aussie warranty to match. Perfectly suited for spaces 1.2m X 1.2m up to 1.5 X 1.5m square. It can be used in smaller spaces with the dimmable ballast (unit is 90cm long). 

  • Samsung LM301H Quantum boards with full-spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, IR, and UV. QS-3 is dimmable with a maximum draw of 350 watts. 
  • Powered by a premium Meanwell HLG driver which is housed in a dustproof driver box equipped with a power switch and dimmer.
  • The QS-3 is capable of outperforming a 600-800w watt HPS at less than half the power draw and a fraction of the heat.
  • The spectrum of the Quantum Sun series has been precisely researched & has the latest balanced color spectrum, designed to grow plants to their maximum potential for the highest yields and quality.
  • 5-year warranty, serviced in Australia. Dealing directly with Dr Greenthumbs & SuperTech LED. Compare this to cheaper options that require sending the item to a third party etc, this offer is unbeatable!