100x100x200cm 600W Digi Lumen HPS Grow Kit - Complete Growing Setup

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Welcome to the ultimate hydroponic growing experience with our 100x100x200cm HPS Grow Kit. We've carefully curated this bundle to provide you with everything you need for successful and rewarding cultivation. Say goodbye to stress and guesswork, and say hello to convenience and efficiency! Cultivate with Confidence!

Kit Contents:

  1. Cultiv8 Temp + Humidity Reader (Thermometer & Hygrometer)
  2. Phresh Carbon Filter 125mmx400mm
  3. Can Fan RK Series (Single Speed) 125mm w/ Ducting & Tape
  4. Seahawk Grow Tent 100cm x 100cm x 200cm
  5. Digi-Lumen 600w HPS Kit - Illuminating Your Garden
  6. Analogue Timer

Cultiv8 Temp + Humidity Reader

Take the guesswork out of monitoring your grow room environment with the Cultiv8 Temp + Humidity Reader. This horticulturally designed thermometer and hygrometer accurately measure and record temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your plants thrive in the optimal conditions they deserve.

Phresh Carbon Filter 125mm x 400mm

Breathe easy knowing that our Phresh Carbon Filter is working tirelessly to remove odors and purify the air in your grow space. World-renowned for its exceptional performance, this filter uses premium Australian activated carbon, providing up to five years of reliable and effective use. Experience a fresh and clean grow environment like never before.

Can Fan RK Series (Single Speed) 125mm

The Can Fan RK Series brings efficiency and durability to your grow setup. This economical backward centrifugal extractor features a maintenance-free plastic housing and a thermal switch for added protection. Rest assured that your plants will receive adequate ventilation, thanks to the Can Fan RK Series.

Seahawk Grow Tent - Your Smart Cultivation Space

Enter the Seahawk Grow Tent, designed with the latest and best features to elevate your gardening endeavors. Crafted from 100% light-proof thick ADF reflective material, this tent ensures optimal light distribution and heat transmission, fostering healthy plant growth.

Dimensions: The Seahawk Grow Tent measures 100cm x 100cm x 200cm, offering ample space for your plants to flourish and thrive.

Thoughtful Design: Our smart design includes two 150mm outlets/inlets, one door, one access window, and viewing windows for easy monitoring without disturbing your plants. The tent also boasts three passive vent windows, three hanging bars, four hanging straps, and an accessory pouch for seamless organization.

Easy Setup and Durability: We've reinforced the tent with super strength seams and zips, ensuring long-lasting performance and uncompromised functionality.

Digi-Lumen 600w HPS Kit - Illuminating Your Garden

Elevate your indoor garden with the Digi-Lumen 600w HPS Kit - a complete lighting solution designed to deliver outstanding results throughout every stage of your plant's life cycle.

Unbeatable Affordability: Don't compromise on quality or performance. The Digi-Lumen 600w HPS Kit offers unparalleled value, making it the most affordable choice for your indoor garden.

Complete Electronic Light Kit: Each kit includes a 4D dimmable ballast, a high-quality lamp, and a reliable reflector. This perfect combination ensures your plants receive the precise balance of light they need for robust and healthy growth.

Next-Generation Digital Ballasts: Embrace cutting-edge technology with our 4D dimmable ballasts. Designed for stability and efficiency, these ballasts operate flawlessly even in harsh conditions and high voltage power grids.

Versatile Power Output: Tailor your lighting to suit your plants' growth stages. The Digi-Lumen 600w HPS Kit offers four unique settings - Seed & Clone Mode (250W), Vegetative and Power Save Mode (400W), Flower Mode (600W), and Super-Lumens Mode (660W). Achieve exceptional yields and thriving plants with this customizable lighting solution.

Light Hangers and Analogue Timer - Completing the Setup

To finalize your setup, we've included ratchet light hangers for effortless height adjustment of your horticultural lighting. Additionally, the Analogue Electrical Timer gives you complete control over your electrical devices, allowing you to optimize energy consumption and manage your appliances with ease.

Discover the Hydroponic Growing Bundles - your all-inclusive solution for successful indoor gardening. Cultivate with confidence and convenience with this carefully curated collection of essential tools and equipment. Elevate your gardening experience and achieve outstanding results with our complete growing solution.

Remember, we are your partner in cultivation success. Invest in the 100x100x200cm HPS Grow Kit today and unlock the true potential of your indoor garden. Happy growing!

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