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Terms & Conditions

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All shipping charges are calculated at the check out based on weight. Customers can either select Australia Post or Courier as their delivery options. 




    Terms and conditions of this web store are as follows :

    • All sales are final - we do not accept refunds or exchanges
    • Products may occasionally differ from the pictures used in their listing. For example, Soy meal may be supplied in pellets & not loose form / barley may be powdered rather than whole. Please contact us if you require a specific product grade for availability.
    • Packaging may occasionally differ from pictures shown on listings.
    • Mineral / aeration grading is a guide only. We pass on the information provided to us via our wholesale partners. Due to the nature of bulk products their grading may differ slightly from batch to batch. For example, a 2-5mm grade may in fact be 1-4mm depending on the batch we receive. This is out of our control & we take as much care as we can representing these products & accept no liability after sale. Please contact us for current photo's of grading if required.
    • It is the customers responsibility to make sure they can receive delivery of their order. Orders rejected by PO boxes or customer work sites will not be resent for free. The customer will be liable for these charges.
    • We will offer a product replacement if your product is damaged in transit. We will require full evidence of damage to be emailed to us including photographs on arrival.
    • We will replace your package if we send the wrong items.
    • Our handling times are up to 4 business days.
      • We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our products to anyone we see fit.