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Ocean Grown - Deep Sea Sugar & Kelp

Ocean Grown - Deep Sea Sugar & Kelp

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– Your Gardens Catch Of The Day – So Much More Than Just Seaweed 

  • Zero smell unlike the competition, use inside with confidence!
  • NPK 0.1 - 0 - 1.36
  • Deep Sea Sugar + Kelp supplies your plants with highly beneficial & chelated micro and macro nutrients, whilst stimulating a strong hormonal response. This hormonal response, technically known as Systemic Acquired Resistance, is necessary to stimulate the plants defence mechanisms. The same defences are responsible for the plants resistance against pest & fungal attacks, as well as drought & frost conditions.
  • Stimulates extremely healthy root systems & feeds beneficial soil bacteria.
  • Excellent additive to flowering & fruiting plants, contains highly beneficial trace elements including zinc, silicon, calcium, magnesium & molybdenum.
  • Safe to use at all stages of plant growth. Perfect for seedlings & transplanting!
  • Helps break up tough soils & greatly enhance soil conditions by attracting earth worms and feeding beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae.

How to use

Best used in conjunction with Ocean Grown Fish Hydrolysate

Seedlings – 1-2ml per litre.
Transplanting – 3-5ml per litre.
Foliar Spray – 1ml per litre
Indoor plants – 3ml per litre.
Lawns & Fruiting trees - 3-5ml per litre.
Hydroponics – 3ml per litre.

Store out of reach of pets & children in a dark, cool environment.
Do not apply to stressed or under watered plants. Do not apply when temperatures exceed 30C. Always test new products on plants before a complete switch.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Waddle
Great for seedlings!

I use this every other time I water my Anthurium seedlings and philodendrons. I’ve noticed that combining this with a rotation of root roids, fish hydrolysate, and greenspaces slow release has really supercharged my plants! Thanks for the recommendations!

Handy L
Very good for your roots

give 3ml/L when transplant, 4 days later all roots literally pump out of the drainage holes all looking thicc and white like bean sprout. Have to do another transplant 1.5 weeks later. Good as a foliar spray tonic too. 100% recommend