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Mineral Based Soil

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At Dr Greenthumbs, we've been cultivating rare cactus as a passion, well before we established our name. Through years of trial and error, we understand the vital importance of a consistent mineral based soil blend that performs uniformly over a wide range of growing conditions. Our potting soil consists of 100% unique and proprietary components that cannot be found in any other mixes Australia wide. It is ready to use straight out of the bag for all Cactus and Succulent plants!
  •  Dries out fast to encourage strong root growth! Drastically lowers the chance of plants rotting like conventional pine based mixes.
  •  Boosted with calcium & silica which both enhance & promote strong new growth and aid in nutrient transportation within the plant!
  •  Growers can use their own choice of fertilizer, as this mix is compatible with them all! Due to our high mineral content, less fertilizer will be needed as it is held in the soil rather than washed out of the growing media!
  • Developed, used & endorsed by Cactus nursery professionals!


Ingredients - 70% Mineral Blend (pumice, zeolite, terracotta, volcanic scoria, gypsum, limestone) & 30% Premium Organic Soil Blend (peat moss, coco coir, organic compost)

Customer Reviews

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Lachlan herrod
mineral base soil

im new to growing cactus and its hard to get a perfect soil mix let alone a perfect mineral base soil mix. so instead of playing trial and error with expensive cactus i have decided to buy a pre made mix from someone alot more experience then me. im useing this mix to grow my eriosyce cactus in.

A buyer from Canberra

Great service!
Amazing product, in a week seeing change on my plants...including hydro propigation ie african violet.
Cant thank enough Scott for organising a quick delivery regarless the current situations!
Highly highly recommend anyone to this family business!! All the best..🤍

Abbey T.
#1 Cactus Soil

Rediscovered my love of succulents & cactus with this amazing soil! Works wonders even on cuttings. I will never use anything else again.