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Breathe Buddy - All Natural CO2

Breathe Buddy - All Natural CO2

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The Breathe Buddy releases a non stop, all natural supply of co2 to your plants without all the expensive equipment and hassle! By utilising the power of a living mycelial network, the co2 output not only optimises your plants growth and health, but also helps perfectly regulate humidity inside your grow room!

Each Breathe Buddy is designed to support 1-2 plants over 40cm2 and works perfectly for propagation and cloning areas. By utilising a modular approach customers can increase the number of Breathe Buddy's in their growing area to suit their needs.

Simply take your Breathe Buddy and place next to circulation fans in the lower space of your grow area! Each Breathe Buddy is committed to work flawlessly from 3-6 months supplying fresh CO2 to an area of  40cm2.

  • 1 Breathe Buddy - Clones & Mother's
  • 1-2 Breathe Buddy's - Small Closet Grow
  • 3-4 Breathe Buddy's - Up to 1.25m2